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Getting Started

To start, invite the bot to your Discord with the following link:

For Twitch, please contact ccatss on Twitch, or cats#8724 on Discord, as this is not an automated process.


It'd be cool to have a bot that compliments you

Fizziberry in some random stream

Stream Tracking


FizzBot tracks Twitch streamer statuses much like CouchBot and other bots.

To start, create a "streams", "live", or "community" channel in your Discord (Customization coming soon to Astra), then add streams you wish to track with __track name.

To remove streams, use __untrack name.


Discord Twitch

We maintain a rather small list of random compliments to give to users in both Discord and Twitch.

Simply say compliment me in any chat, and you'll get a random compliment to brighten your day!

Time Queries


Currently using !time in Twitch shows Fizziberry's current time in her timezone. You can also use !time (some city/state/zip code/etc here) to query time from any timezone in the world.

We hope to allow streamers to set their timezone in future versions.