Bot Documentation - Astra

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Getting Started

The bot is not currently public, and gets major updates weekly.



Astra can play media off YouTube and SoundCloud, using either voice search or direct URLs in text messages.

Supported commands are play query, skip, stop, volume 0-100, louder, and softer.
All commands are supported in chat using the !! prefix.

Locations, Weather, and Time


Locations may be set for weather and time queries with !!location (city, state, postal code, etc).

After setting a location, the bot will return the current time in your timezone when you say what time is it.
It can also fetch the current weather by saying what's the weather like.

Content Tracking

Discord Upcoming

An upcoming feature with instant recognition. Using a different method than every other bot to track YouTube submissions and Twitch statuses for instant notification of new videos and when you go live.

Compliments and Jokes


Feeling down? Ask Astra to compliment you! Whenever you say compliment me she'll choose a random compliment from our ever expanding list!

Want a laugh, even if it's a terrible joke? Say tell me a joke!