Bots and more!


Astra is a Discord bot based on voice recognition technology.
The goal is to write an all-around bot, useful for anybody from streamers to communities that wish to relax with some music.
She is still under development, but new features are added often, along with stability and usability updates. And trust me when I say this bot is seriously cool.
Pls notice me Google/Discord

Documentation: Astra


FizzBot is a bot written for streamer fizziberry to help with some aspects of the streaming process.
It currently tracks streams, gives compliments, and offers other simple tools like time queries for specific timezones.
It works in both Discord and Twitch streams.

FizzBot is available for use by anyone. To invite it to your Discord, use this link: Invite me!

Documentation: FizzBot


BumbleBot was written for's Discord, mostly for Overwatch Pick-up Games.
Over time, it has grown to include voice lines and misc functionality.
A lot of it will be merged into Astra as time goes on.